An honest story that raises important questions and telling this in a creative cinematic way.

A story that can be interpreted on different levels, I think these kinds of documentaries are the best to watch and make.

In the 90s I was an editor for IDFA (documentary festival).

I have done research for various producers/directors for their projects, unfortunately uncredited, but digging into a subject was a wonderful thing to do.

The Toy-maker

In 1998 I shot the documentary about an artisan toy maker.

A traditional toy maker is located in the heart of Amsterdam. All the toys, which are more like works of art, are made and painted by hand. Above the shop is a small workshop where you get the feeling that Pinocchio was born here. The smell of wood and paint greets you.

The owner is a man who makes children’s toys with passion and an outspoken philosophy. A craftsman of the old stamp who works exclusively with wood. And preferably waste wood. He wants to create something unique that children can have a lot of fun with.

The Toy-maker

He can talk with disgust about the wooden toys of today. That is supposedly nature-friendly, because no plastic is used. But people do not realize that the toys in low-wage countries are made by children of 6 years who earn less than a guilder a week and have to work under appalling conditions. In the west, such a toy is sold as environmentally conscious toys for eighty guilders. He is fiercely against childlabour, but where does that fierceness come from?

Unfortunately, this project is still on the shelf due to lack of money.

In 2020 I started this beautiful project and various other documentary projects with fresh courage.

Wise lesson from The Toy-maker:

“Anyway, I’ll show you where my wood comes from… From the street, just by the side of the road. Or from containers. Today people throw away so much. They have no idea what raw materials are. They buy their product as cheaply as possible and when they are tired of it it disappears in the trash or just on the street or wherever they can get rid of it in the easiest way.I often find beautiful pieces of wood, beautiful raw materials on the street. with a little imagination you can make beautiful things with it, give it new life so to speak and make people happy again.” – The Toy-maker


work in progress 1:

An Apocryphal Story <> The Bible is considered the word of God. But if the Bible is the Word of God, why were His Words questioned. Why are there apocryphal bible books? Who has the right to determine which books belong and which do not belong in the Bible. Are God’s words in this less inscrutable? What mysteries lie hidden in these apocryphal books that have no place in Christianity today. An exciting quest for the how and why of Apocryphal books.

work in progress 2 :

A hidden life<> This is a search for my family’s twisted past. Some time ago I found out by accident that I have dual nationality, both Dutch and German. And it is my German nationality that has always been concealed. It started when I was 12 and found a skull ring in my childhood home. When I came to the Airborne museum not much later and found the same ring, I was very shocked, because the ring belonged to a high-ranking SS officer. To my great surprise it turned out that my grandfather on my father’s side was stationed in Arnhem during the Second World War.


work in progress 3 :

The cow <> The story of a single fattening cow or pig. From birth, growth to slaughter and eating. The documentary presents the viewer with an image, without a voiceover, only the images and the music.


work in progress 4 :

The Bookstore<>  a variation on the type of “taxi” program where people talk to the salesman without realizing that they are being filmed. A hidden camera program.



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