An honest story that raises important questions and telling this in a creative cinematic way.

A story that can be interpreted on different levels, I think these kinds of documentaries are the best to watch and make.

In the 90s I was an editor for IDFA (documentary festival).

I have done research for various producers/directors for their projects, unfortunately uncredited, but digging into a subject was a wonderful thing to do.

I play these samples myself or come from old LPs. In 2010 I released my debut album “Excactly what you think it is”. Now ten years later I have just released my fifth album “For the King of Crime”, a tribute to the crime writer Elmore Leonard.


JZZBUCKET since 2010

keywords: sample based, funky, jazzy, breakbeat, hammon organ, kicking brass, 60’s blue note vibe.

vintage-electro jazz


The soundscape project FORMLOOS the focus is on spoken word compositions using the granular synthesis method. With this technique you divide a text read aloud into micro sound particles. Then play those particles next to each other, through each other and let them cross with each other, until a composition is created. Each EP contains texts by famous philosophers such as Descartes, Hume and Pascal.

Three EPs have now been released.


seeking The soundscapes of the FORMLOOS project lends itself  for an art installation or video art. It would be great to work with an Artist on this.

Are you or do you know that person? Contact me!

upcoming releases:

both projects are ment to be heard LIVE. If you know locations for this or would like to book me, we love to hear from you!  Performances and workshops have been given: . Todaysart, ADE, DanceFair, Apple Store, Bax shop, Q-factory etc…

a LIVE PERFORMANCE can be with an additional workshop or Q&A session.